TOEIC Preparation Courses at Vancouver English Centre

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Our TOEIC Preparation Courses are electives, designed entirely to help students achieve high TOEIC scores. Our TOEIC Preparation courses do not focus on general English language skills. Courses are divided into three levels.

Each current VEC student with a minimum status of Level 5 is entitled to one free TOEIC test. VEC administers a TOEIC test every month. Only 50 students are tested each month, so be sure to register early for your TOEIC test.

Pre-TOEIC Preparation

Review basic grammar, build English vocabulary and develop reading and listening skills. Students do a practice TOEIC test.

Intermediate TOEIC Preparation

Learn TOEIC test strategies while enhancing their English listening comprehension, reading and grammar skills. Students also do practice TOEIC tests.

Advanced TOEIC Preparation

This course is the same as Intermediate TOEIC Preparation, but the material covered is at a more advanced level. Material studied in Intermediate TOEIC Preparation is not repeated in Advanced TOEIC Preparation.

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